Idaho is a state that believes strongly in certain freedoms. What about an Idahoan who is suffering from a medical condition and doesn't wish to continue bearing pain?

Physician-Assisted death is authorized under certain circumstances in 11 states. The topic was recently raised on the Idaho / Reddit website. I found some of the comments very interesting. There seems to be overwhelming support for this end of life procedure in the Gem State.

"The practice of a physician providing a potentially lethal medication to a terminally ill, suffering patient at his request that he can take at a time of his own choosing to end his life." That's the definition of physician-assisted death according to the Hastings Center. Do you believe this wish should be granted to the terminally ill on a national level?

The topic has been weighed in the state on numerous occasions. I believe religion certainly plays a role in the current status of the idea in Idaho. If God condemns such an act in people's minds, then to grant such a privilege would be blasphemy.

Physician-Assisted death has been authorized in other western states such as Montana, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, and California. New Mexico authorized the practice in 2021. The idea in itself makes people extremely uncomfortable. Shouldn't the suffering of a human being take center stage in this regard?

If your Idaho loved one reaches the point of unbearable pain due to a medical condition, would you support their request for physician-assisted death? 

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