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I guess the drag queens will be asking for equal time.  I took a telephone call just before noon on Monday.  A friend in law enforcement told me people were handing out Bibles at Bickel Elementary School in Twin Falls.  My friend thought it was a great idea.

While students are not in class for the summer, many still drop by the school for lunch.  The Gideon Society has been visiting various schools in the city and offering copies of the New Testament to kids and even some parents who come along for the walk.  While some people decline, they’re polite.  Some may already have a copy at home or already have full hands.  Copies were so popular at Bickel that someone had to be dispatched to fetch another box!

The Gideon missionaries work the public sidewalk as the school system doesn’t sanction the effort.  Because, as you know, liberals would have seizures if young people took an interest in faith.  Or more specifically, Christianity.  I did hear from some staff on school grounds that they were delighted there are people in this community who have the spiritual direction of the kids in mind.

Who knows, with the few weeks left this summer, young people may start reading.  Then they may show up at school more conscientious, kind, and respectful of teachers.  Wouldn’t that be troubling for the groomers on the left?  They’ll be forced to cede territory to God.  Oh, well, they still have the library, City Park, and church near the park!

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