Idaho does not have a law stating that it is illegal to leave your pets outside in the snow. Some dogs and cats actually prefer to be outside in the snow, but how do you know if a pet is in danger or if they are just enjoying the weather? Idaho Humane Society has some tips for animal safety in the cold.

I have a big fluffy dog that will sit outside for hours in the snow and he loves it. In fact, I am pretty sure he prefers snow and winter to summer time. I have always been a little concerned that people might think we are neglecting my dog because he is outside in the snow all the time. But the safety of pets and cold temperatures really depends on the pet.

According to the Idaho Humane Society, if you are unable to bring your pet inside during cold weather make sure that you check their water regularly to make sure it isn't frozen over and they have a warm dry place. Dogs and cats apparently can get frostbite or hypothermia.

I have a dog that hates the cold, so we get her a little sweater and when she comes inside she has a blanket, a warm layer is helpful for animals that get colder easier.

Checking your animals paws is important as well, dog paws can get cracked and bleed if they get too cold and snowmelt can actually burn them. Try to find a snow melt that is animal friendly.

And remember, because a dog or cat is outside in the cold doesn't mean they are being neglected, however, if you believe an animal is being neglected contact police they will step in if a pet appears to be in imminent danger.

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