Just when you thought you could kick back and enjoy the cozy vibes of Idaho winter, uninvited guests show up at your door. And no, we're not talking about your in-laws. 

The Problem with Indoor Winter Pests

No state is free of critter troubles. From the rooftop pigeon parties in the Big Apple to the scorpions they find in their hampers in Nevada, creepy crawlies break-and-enter in homes across the country. 

But certain pests aren’t just a nuisance, they can be outright dangerous. These unwelcome guests can carry diseases and allergens that can pose real health risks to you, your family, and your pets. With as quickly as some pests reproduce, even a minor annoyance can morph into a full-scale invasion before you know it.  

And once they've made themselves at home, evicting them is no easy task.

Scroll through the gallery below for a look at Idaho's cold weather pests. 

6 Cold Weather Pests Looking for Warmth in Idaho Homes

Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela

It's simple: proactive homeowners avoid pest issues. 

Whether you're a homeowner with a classy Idaho chalet in the mountains or a chic Florida villa on the beach, strategic cold-weather pest defense matters. Using a variety of pest management strategies can keep your home pest-free all year long.

If you’re currently hosting some critters you’d like to evict, check out the handy tips below for a solid starting point. 

4 Tips to Evict Unwanted Cold Weather Critters

  1. Seal up any holes or gaps in your foundation with caulk.
  2. Spray the perimeter of your home with insecticides or pesticides as a first-line defense.
  3. Patch up or replace damaged windows and screens. If that's too costly, consider using clear insulation plastic to cover your windows. 

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