Hiking out in nature is one of the most popular pastimes in Idaho. People love getting away from cities, towns, and even villages. In Idaho, hikers don’t even have to travel very far to feel at peace. Outdoors is one of the things Idaho does best.

We love taking our pets with us when we go on our outings, but there are precautions that need to be taken. There are always chances your beloved dog and permanent hiking buddy will get ‘skunked’, or encounter a porcupine. Hikers need to be aware that there has been an increase in encounters with Coyotes in Auger Falls.

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Our first instinct is to let our furry companions stretch their boundaries while out in the open and let them run. That’s not the safest idea when foxes and coyotes are protecting their dens. Areas like Auger Falls and even Rock Creek are good places for coyotes and foxes because they are full of prey and places for a den.

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The city wants to remind everyone that dogs need to be on a leash when using trails. Take a noisemaker like a whistle or a bell to help scare off a coyote. Carry bear spray in case an encounter gets close. Don’t use earbuds while hiking in order to be more present in outdoor surroundings.

In order to reduce the chance of coyotes and foxes becoming habituated, the city asks homeowners to keep pet food, dog waste, and trash secured. Removing attractants that draw animals like raccoons, squirrels, and skunks will also help keep coyotes and foxes away. Clearing away brush that can be seen as a good hiding spot as well as making sure fences are in good repair will help as well.

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