I wrote a piece last week about the drought ending in southern Idaho.  For two consecutive winters, the mountains have been buried in snow, and on Easter Sunday, the rain created rivers in the streets.

This morning, I saw a story about the end of the so-called megadrought in California.  I can’t find the exact link I came across during show preparation, but I did find multiple links about reservoirs being over capacity.  After two impressive winters!

Two Distinct Droughts

The situation in Idaho isn’t the same.  There has been a quarter-century-long drought as measured by a drop off in moisture, but these strike and often last an average of up to 30 years.  I don’t believe we met the designation of the worst drought in 1,200 years. That was the designation for the southwest.  That determination was only made in the last couple of years.  It took 1,198 years to figure that out.

The fossil record proves droughts, even long ones, happen with or without human activity.  What if we make some draconian decisions and then discover we never had any control over the cycles of the earth?

Climate Change is Pagan Religion

I think that’s the one thing that worries me about Lefty and the certainty of his climate religion. It could require mass human sacrifice.  I’m not talking about turning down my thermostat or driving less.  I’m referencing tossing our fellow human beings off cliffs with the belief it will bring relief.

One side believes in the sanctity of human life.  The neo-pagans are more concerned about an oak tree.

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