Black Friday is fast approaching and for some places, the deals have started already. While some companies stick to the tradition of having their big sales on the actual day, others start them days or weeks earlier. Despite the changes that have taken place through the years, many will still hit the stores this weekend and look to get some holiday shopping done and take advantage of the great deals. As shoppers go from store to store, looking to save money, they will get hungry, but sadly one place they won't save money is at fast food chains and restaurants. Should eating establishments look into joining in on the biggest shopping day of the year and perhaps throw in a deal or two to entice hungry shoppers to stop by for a bite?

Fast Food on Black Friday

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Last week it was mentioned that grocery stores should look into participating in Black Friday sales, but sadly that will not be the case. While shoppers can't flock to the grocery stores to load up on discounted food, could they go through a drive-thru or sit down at a restaurant and get a discounted meal? Unfortunately, the answer is much the same, but it would be wise for some restaurants to take advantage of so many shoppers being out and to give them incentive to stop by, rather than choosing a different eating establishment. What kind of deals could they offer and would you be more likely to choose a place that day, based on a sale? 

Black Friday Food Deals

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What would Black Friday deals look like at fast food chains? It could be simple things like a free small fry with a purchase of a burger, or perhaps a free drink. Maybe a free taco would be the way to go for some places or a free side. There are plenty of ways to make good deals possible, but typically chains decide to avoid any discounts. It is understandable as they likely make a good amount of money on this day, despite not having deals, but if one starts to do a special discount, then perhaps business would increase even more. For sit-down chains, a free side or dinks would go a long way to driving traffic to their establishment, or perhaps a free appetizer. Why more places don't take advantage of so many people being out is baffling. 

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Sadly, most shoppers will likely be paying full price this year as they take a break from shopping and grab a bite, or will be going home to unload their deals, grab a bite for free, before heading out again. There are food deals to be had, which you can see here, by clicking the link, but in terms of a place to eat on the go, you will be disappointed if looking to save money. Have fun and be safe this holiday weekend, and enjoy the deals you do find.

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