Mel Brooks movies are a staple in our home. Blazing Saddles movie quotes are constantly used during discussions at work. From eating beans around the campfire to the governor playing with a paddle ball, the physical comedy is just as important as the quotes. Who knew that the Magic Valley had such close ties to Mel Brooks? Well, now I do.

Did You Know this Hollywood Star is from the Magic Valley?

Robyn Hilton was born July 13, 1944, up on a farm near Twin Falls, and graduated from Jerome High School. After attending Boise Junior College and graduating from Utah State University, she went on to work as a weather forecast reporter. But decided this was not going to be her future and moved into acting and modeling.

Beginning in 1964 with ‘My Tale is Hot’, she moved on to ‘Kiss Me Quick’ and showed up in the film industry with Mel Brooks as Miss Stein, the Governor’s Secretary, in ‘Blazing Saddles’. She moved thor several different roles on television shows ending with a movie playing Maid Marian in ‘Malibu Express’.

Robyn was featured in Playboy Magazine in 1974 surprisingly fully dressed. With her lovely curves, it is no wonder she was discovered by Mitch Orenstein. This moved her career into the adult magazine industry and ‘M.O.R.E. Film Company’. She was in newspaper articles ‘Sex In the Cinema’ and ‘Sex Stars’ which is believed brought her more notoriety.

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Who knows? Maybe there is a future film star in the Magic Valley right now? What about a sassy grandma who does a morning show on the radio?

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