Top 7 Darkest Christmas Movies
With now less than a week until Christmas you've probably caught up on multiple viewings of Elf, Polar Express, and The Santa Clause movies.
What you might need now is a movie a little more aimed at adults and not 3 year old kids (looking at you Frozen).
Top 10 Best Movies To Watch This Holiday Season
It is a given that at some point before the new year, you will want to sit back and watch a holiday movie. The hard part will be picking a movie...and then finding it! Below is a list of the top 10 best movies to watch this holiday season.
The 5 Best Thanksgiving Movies
I'll admit that Thanksgiving gets the shaft as a holiday. We already started the Christmas music on KOOL 96.5 and some have even started (or finished) shopping. On Thanksgiving Day we'll probably eat dinner and then watch football or play board games with the family (after a nap). But…
The 10 Scariest PG Movies For Kids
Most parents keep a pretty good eye on what movies their kids watch. Usually it is for the benefit of the child...but sometimes it is to keep nightmares to a minimum and let mom and dad sleep better at night. Picking a show for kids isn't as easy as looking at the rating and going from there. There …
What Is The Most Quotable Movie
I'll admit that a ton of my daily vernacular comes from movies. I'm not really a funny person - I just watch a lot of funny movies and quote from them often. I also know that I am not the only one who does this. I am fairly certain that my sister learned to speak by watching and only quoti…
What Is The Worst Movie You Have Ever Seen
OK - This should be fun! Now that it is summer and some of us have more free time or later bed times we may fill some of that time with a movie. I have found myself going through lists of movies trying to find something worth watching. Sometimes I fail.
Double Dog Dare You Statue Honors 'A Christmas Story'
Statues are a great way to honor people and events, and I bet that deciding on what the statue will be is a fun experience. Especially when it has to do with honoring the author of one of the greatest Christmas movie ever! This Double Dog Dare You statue honors 'A Christmas Story'

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