You’re probably going to tell me Twin Falls doesn’t need another restaurant.  Especially a chain outfit.  But I’m a believer in choices and I like variety.  I used to live a few minutes from a Cracker Barrel, and there was another about 45 minutes away.  When I would be traveling, a stop was always a treat.  The sign was a welcome mat.  I especially liked the lemon pepper trout.  There are three Cracker Barrel restaurants in Idaho, but none nearby.  Two in the Treasure Valley and one in the panhandle.

I also like the store that accompanies the restaurant.  I still have a George Jones CD I bought many years ago.  It was issued explicitly for Cracker Barrel customers.  As I listened to it while driving, my girlfriend nearly jumped out of my Jeep.  She was a city girl and didn’t like country music.  Especially the classic.  We didn’t last, and frankly, I would rather listen to George than her when driving.

If I have a choice, I still like our locally owned cafes and diners.  There are three in the city and two out in the county where I like to stop, but with a growing population, we could support something new.  But don’t hold your breath.  A story I read said that Cracker Barrel culture doesn’t translate well in some parts of the country (like Waffle House too?) and that some chains are watching where the economy is going before opening more restaurants.  Let's hope the storm clouds pass.

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