Twin Falls is popular for people who want to jump off bridges. There are many trails to take if a mountain bike is a more useful type of entertainment. Fishing is popular as is kayaking, boating, or floating on rivers. What about when the weather isn’t as warm and fuzzy? What do we do when it is too hot or too cold? What about the indomitable need for speed?

In years past, we had a Nazzkart track in Downtown Twin Falls, but that has since been replaced by Jump Time and pickleball courts. But for quite a while it was a troubling time in our lives. A once proud go-cart track lay vacant. Void of fumes and the sound of engines and laughter. Dark days for us all, to be sure.

Now, I learn of a huge go-cart track. It is not in the deepest darkest Africa, faraway Florida, or across the ocean in Europe. It is but a pittance drive in comparison to those locations. A mere 4-hour drive to Pleasant Grove, UT will encompass me in gasoline fumes and helmets once again at The Grid. 60,000 feet of track to race my family and make them sorry they ever accepted my challenge. This is good for the soul.

I can take a break from racing and challenge them in the arcade. They are all going to feel the disappointment of another family outing being dominated by the best competitor in our collective gene pool. But who is keeping score? Me. I am. The winner will keep score, and the winner will be me.

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I will ever be the ultimate winner of The Grid in Pleasant Grove, UT summer family outing 2023. All those who behold me will be in awe of the wonder of the go-cart mastery and arcade excellence personified. If only it could be brought closer to home so that more people in Idaho can be blessed by the knowledge they are in such close proximity to greatness.

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