You can kiss your liberties goodbye if the leftists at Reclaim Idaho get their way.  The organization is attempting to institute open primary voting.  The claim they make is that it will better reflect the values of Idaho voters.  The organization sent its minions out to collect signatures with the hope of getting the change on this year’s General Election ballot.  The petition still needs to be certified by Secretary of State Phil McGrane.

I can personally vouch that many of the people gathering signatures used subterfuge to mislead people into signing.  I wrote about the experience and the Reclaim crowd didn’t like being exposed.  The leader of the outfit sent some lackey to talk on my program (the fellow claimed to be a Republican) because Reclaim didn’t want to be confronted by the spurious tactics employed by the petition passers.

They Plan to Hijack Election Day

The argument made by the people who want the change is that winners of Idaho primaries are too extreme.  They say more than the population at large.  This is odd because the GOP insurgents are mainly confined to a few spots in the state where they have great support.  Isn’t that how the government I supposed to work?  Political and regional differences get a voice?

Many establishment Republicans back the measure because their grip on power is challenged.  Interestingly, some liberals like Idaho House Minority leader Ilana Rubel are opposed to the idea.  She told me it would put Democrats out of business.  If your voters all cross over to vote for the GOP in a primary, you won’t have many voting for Democrats.  If we end up with ranked choice on Election Day every November, the top vote-getters will only be Republican choices.  The question is, what kind of Republicans?

Special Interests Look to Line Wallets

Do you want liberals picking our Republican nominees and eventual winners?  The choice is simple.  Either the rank and file control government or special interests will tighten their grip.

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