Over the last 10 years, I’ve only endorsed a candidate once.  I never endorse Democrats.  I look at Republicans and try and find the best in primaries.  Sometimes, it’s a close call.  Then there are times when one candidate is so overwhelmingly qualified, that I wonder why anyone would even consider a challenge.

Twin Falls County Commissioner Jack Johnson is the right guy to be our next Sheriff.  He’s worked in all manner of conditions and terrain.  Jack served as Undersheriff in Jerome County (which is also in good shape when it comes to the right man for the job, the fellow currently in office).  Jack knows the relationship between commissioners and the Sheriff.  The first provides the funding for the Sheriff’s Office.

You Need to Live in the Real World

Candidates who promise to put a traffic team on the roads are making promises they may not be able to keep.  Voters need to know this costs money.  The Sheriff can’t impose new taxes to cover the costs.  Without approval from the public and commissioners, it would require cutting other services.  Are you willing to eliminate deputies in schools in exchange for a few more people running the radar?

I’m reminded of a mock election we had when I was in grade school.  One kid promised there would be free ice cream in the cafeteria if elected.  He won.  There wasn’t any free dessert.  Six-year-olds don’t pay taxes.  They’re fed by someone else.  They don’t understand that there’s no free lunch and ice cream.  I suppose when you‘re using someone else’s bank account to fund a campaign, you figure the adults won’t notice.

Jack Johnson Believes in Community Service

Lastly, Jack Johnson is everywhere.  For every charitable cause, he can squeeze into a very busy schedule.  He made the effort long before he ever considered pursuing political office.  This is going to be one of the easiest choices I’ve ever made on Primary Day.

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