UPDATE: The tortoise has been located, and returned back safely to the zoo. For more on this, make sure to check out the post below.

The Twin Falls Zoo has been a great addition to the Magic Valley. The zoo is located in the Magic Valley Mall and offers residents and visitors a chance to see animals, feed them, and have fun as a family with some exotic animals. One thing that makes the zoo unique is that not only can you enjoy looking at the animals and petting some, but you can also adopt certain ones as well. You can visit for the day, or get a year-long pass and visit anytime you want throughout the year. Most of the reviews have been positive so far, with only the smell being negative, which is a part of any pet store, zoo, or place where animals live. This past weekend, one of the animals was stolen from the Twin Falls Zoo, and they need your help finding the people who committed the crime.

Tortoise Stolen From Twin Falls Zoo

On Sunday, at the Twin Falls Zoo, a group of men and one woman asked about adopting a tortoise. They took matters into their own hands though, and decided to steal the tortoise. The tortoise stolen is a male Hermann's tortoise, and the zoo is offering a reward to anyone who has any information. Check out the pictures above to see the people who are accused of stealing this animal, and see if you know them. Share the post and let's help the zoo find these men and woman

Twin Falls Zoo

Credit: Twin Falls Zoological Center
Credit: Twin Falls Zoological Center

The Twin Falls Zoo is doing amazing work with these animals, and if someone doesn't know how to properly take care of them it could be harmful to the animal. They need specific diets, habitats, and the right person to take care of them. Please do not attempt to steal any animals when visiting the zoo, as this place is appreciated in the area, and it would be a shame if they had to close, as well as the harm that would be caused to the animals being stolen. You will get caught. 

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If you have any information or see these people, reach out to authorities immediately. As a community, let's help bring this turtle home, and punish those that took it upon themselves to take an animal that doesn't belong to them.

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