Some people lament winter weather. Not everyone loves to ski, snowshoe, or ice-skate on half-frozen ponds. When the whole family is stuck inside together for days on end, it can get a bit punchy. Why not spend some time away from the screens for a bit and play a board game?

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The classics must be played through first. Monopoly is only good until someone throws all the pieces across the room. Risk works until someone insists that the dice are loaded. How many times can you be sent backward to the Gingerbread Man’s house in Candyland before you have a breakdown? If you don’t get the ladder that takes you all the way up to the top of the board in Chutes and Ladders, you may climb your own ladder to the top of the house just to get away from the goating 4-year-old you’re playing.

Long Gem State Winters Pass Faster With the Best Board Games

Let’s look at some of the best games to play to chase back the cabin fever.

Disney Villainous: Who doesn’t identify with the villain? 2-6 players ages 10+ can spend a good hour for just one game.

Betrayal at House on the Hill: Who dies first? What plan gets you to last the longest? A co-op game for 3-6 players aged 12+ will show how to survive a horror board game.

Pandemic: Triggering aside, this cooperative board game will keep the 10+ players busy for at least 60 minutes at a pop.

Cosmic Encounter: 2 hours of time taken for 3-5 players 12+ to complete this strategy sci-fi game.

There are plenty of different styles to play, but essentially, you play a game that has some sort of surface to play upon. It contains a ‘game board’. Get it? Family winter tournaments can keep everyone too busy to notice the constant reruns on TV, or the miserable weather outside. Have fun with friends and family with new games this season.

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