Pastors' Round Table Gets the Boot

Programming changes happen frequently at radio stations.  If a station isn’t taxpayer-supported, or propped up by a church or another local institution, it’s supported by commercial advertising.  A general manager at a station I worked at almost 20 years ago explained it this way, we’re an advertising company that happens to own a transmitter and tower.  If spinning plates and describing in on-air made a lot of money, many radio stations would spin plates.

A radio station is a business.  Just like the local hardware store, repair shop, or dress boutique, it needs to have a revenue source or cease to exist.

Last weekend, I pulled the plug on a weekly segment called Pastors Round Table.  In my mind, it had run its course.  When I first came up with the idea, it was to have a group of guests comment on issues in our community, state, and country.  The goal wasn’t a weekly Thursday morning sermon.  The vision I originally had drifted.

I always wanted some diversity of viewpoints.  The Christian community is diverse, as is the overall religious community.  One of the pastors told me if he had to share studio space with opinions that weren’t his, he wouldn’t participate.  I solved the issue for him.  Another member of the panel referred to the segment in his church bulletin as our show.  It didn’t go over well with my former boss.  Just because you’re standing on a piece of property doesn’t give you the deed.

They Weren't Kind to Their Host

On two occasions I nearly lost my job as they denounced other faiths.  What that has to do with a bill working through the legislature is beyond me.  After the first uproar, I politely asked them not to make my life a living hell.  A few weeks later, they did it again.

You know, if I invite you into my home, please don’t burn it down.  I should note I’ve been fired by radio stations over format changes or because of budget cuts.  The stations went on without me.  Many guests in my past have come to believe they’re the only reason the audience is tuning in.  A fellow who did a fishing update at my last station was convinced he was the only reason people listened because people would stop him on the street and tell him they appreciated his five minutes a day.  As if Rush Limbaugh played no part in our success.  The fisherman was let go.  The station is still on the air.

They're Calling Me Satanic

I don’t believe my salvation hinges on giving air-time to local clergy.  This morning, some fellow wrote me and accused me of being a Satanist for ending something that didn’t exist before my arrival and likely would never have existed if I had never arrived at KLIX.  Proof that not all braying asses are in the Bible.

He also complained because, for 20 minutes every week, we have a Democrat as a guest.  Funny, one of our radio pastors told me a few weeks ago that an inability to hear an opinion you don’t like is a sign of immaturity.  Another point is that nobody wrestles you down and forces you to listen.  If you believe a differing opinion will harm your outlook, then you’re not confident in what you believe.  To quote Bill Shatner, Get a life!

I’ve told the pastors in the past that they need to launch a podcast.  They would have far more liberty and time than they could ever find on a radio program.  For those of you still in need of a fix, there’s a plethora of Christian radio stations in Idaho.

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