Maybe Shoshone Falls didn’t sound original.  We’ve got a Shoshone County and a Shoshone in Lincoln County.  Still, of the two falls Twin Falls could’ve shared a name with, which one is better known?  Maybe the Niagara of the West outshines the actual Twin Falls in modern times because it’s now Single Falls.

From a marketing standpoint, I would think the more spectacular of the two was the one more tourists visit.  Pillar Falls and Auger Falls could’ve been in the running, but none are as spectacular as Shoshone Falls.  Cataract City would’ve likely been too bland, and from a sales perspective could be confused with blindness.

Credit Bill Colley.
Credit Bill Colley.

Over the weekend, I watched tourists get their picture taken with the roaring flow behind them.  Twin Falls doesn’t quite have the same allure (though, it’s eye-catching the very first time you see it, especially when the flow is heavy).

I don’t suppose in 1905 that many people were looking ahead to a profitable tourist trade, and judging by the variety of license plates in the parking lot, it hasn’t diminished the attraction.  It’s also a little late to consider a new name for the city, and another county beat us to the punch on the other.

Someone is going to write me and tell me there are more important things to write about.  Not true.  A post like this one will get far more views than anything about Governor Little or Representative Simpson.  Again, this is about marketing, and page views mean money.

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