Crossing paths with a mountain lion for many is one of their worst nightmares. These cats are large, dangerous, and are known to be aggressive, especially when hungry. Typically when someone comes across one, it is out in the wild, typically on a hike, when camping, or driving somewhere far away from civilization. Like many wild animals, from time to time, these animals will make their way into town. Recently, one mountain lion made its way into a Utah town, but instead of going through a neighborhood or business area, it was spotted near a busy college campus.

Mountain Lion on Northern Utah College Campus

Mountain lion climbs tree in Boulder backyard
USFWS Mountain-Prairie // Wikimedia Commons

Earlier this week, on Tuesday morning, a mountain lion was spotted in a tree near Utah State University near the cemetery. The good news, nobody was harmed and no pets were harmed. The animal was captured by the Utah Division of Wildlife. Around 7:37 AM the college sent out an alert letting students know about the mountain lion. The big cat was later captured and will be studied to make sure it is healthy before potentially being released and relocated back into the wild. 

Mountain Lions in Idaho and Utah

Credit: Evgeny555
Credit: Evgeny555

Mountain Lions will time to time make their way into town. The best way to handle the situation is to not approach them. If you spot on, make sure to notify Idaho Fish and Game or The Utah Division of Wildlife. If you are in a place where one is coming towards you, make sure not to run. If one does attack, fight as aggressively as you can, because it could save your life. The good news with the one spotted near the campus is that it did not appear aggressive. 

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To find out more about what took place on the Utah State campus, make sure to click the link above. Keep your eyes open for mountain lions, especially if in an area that is known to have them in the area.

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