Not every pest control ingredient must cause cancer in humans and pets to be effective. Some people may look down on natural pest control, but one ingredient has been used for years before chemical control was invented and it works. A trip to a home improvement store, or even a quick purchase online is all it takes to protect the house and garden from many pests without chemicals at all.

How To Kill Indoor and Outdoor Idaho Pests Without Chemicals

There is one ingredient that people may not be aware of that is effective in ridding gardens and homes of many unwanted pests. I had no idea how to get rid of earwigs that were driving me crazy in my new home. After bugging lots of people, a pest control friend said Diatomaceous Earth, or DE is a way to kill pests inside the home or out in the garden without chemicals.

Application indoors needs to include cleaning areas where bugs are bothersome and sprinkling food-grade DE in those spots. It can be used to treat current infestations and as a preventative measure. To prevent pests in the home, DE can be spread in crawl spaces and as a barrier around the exterior of the home. In the garden, DE can be used as an insect killer if spread around infested plants individually.

What is DE Made of and How Does it Kill Bugs?

Nature is cool. Little tiny phytoplankton called diatoms died millions of years ago. Their fossils are in powder form is scratchy on a bug’s outsides (exoskeleton) because the cell walls are made of silica. The sharp little edges of the fossilized diatoms cut the crunchy tough outer layer and make the offending pests dehydrate and die. Sounds like a slow and painful death. Good. Die evil bugs in my bathroom shower, die.


DE works on many pests indoors and out. Fleas, ticks, bed bugs, lice, silverfish, and roaches inside can be eradicated. Earwigs, millipedes, mites, ants, and spiders are all susceptible outdoors as well.

What Downside Is There to Using DE?

No pest control comes without necessary precautions. But Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth. Any area that is intended to have continuous protection must be reapplied each time the area gets wet. Because it is in a powder, it can irritate the eyes and lungs, so the use of a mask is not a bad idea and should be put in places where pets don’t inhale as well. Do not expect results immediately, this treatment is a slow starter. DE should be applied as a light dusting because insects can see a big pile and avoid it.

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Concerns over the health of pets and children who may accidentally come into contact with harsh insect killers and repellants are very valid. Diatomaceous Earth may be the perfect solution for some homes. Plus it’s fun to say diatomaceous. DIE-uh-tuh-MAY-shus, clap out the syllables with me. Very good.

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