We could put it in Boise.  At Julia Davis Park.  Move a few rose bushes and, voila!

When I first saw the headline about a liberal demanding it be torn down, I thought here we go again.  However, the guy isn’t making the claim the statue is a symbol of racism, which is the usual excuse for tearing down history.

This time, the guy claims it’s because Republicans won’t make the open southern border a feature of American life.  Look, you don’t need to belong to MENSA to serve in public office.  I’ve met plenty of legislators who are dumber than boxes of rocks.  Maxwell Frost appears to believe a poem is government policy.  The plaque with the inscription was added to the base after the monument was delivered from France.

Of course, maybe Frost isn’t stupid.  Instead, he may believe voters don’t know the difference.  I’m sure a lot of younger snowflakes identifying as liberals don’t know the difference between flowery words and law.  We’ve been graduating people who aren’t prepared to be citizens for at least a couple of generations.

I’d like to think we’re still different in Idaho.  There’s a memorial to Idaho’s 21st Century war dead that I sometimes visit in Jerome.  It’s a long list.  The names belong to people who gave the last full measure of devotion, a line also from some beautiful prose.  They sacrificed because they knew a country without borders and security isn’t a country.  A stupid liberal wouldn’t understand.  People leading us into a domestic conflict nobody should want.

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