You may have seen the sad tale out of Chicago.  People who were sold a bill of goods and an electric car had their dreams meet winter.  If you thought it was cold this week in Idaho, it was worse there (one of my old bosses lives there and said he wasn’t going out until spring!)

Some people purchased EVs when gas prices were topping out well over five dollars a gallon.  But I’ll wager the majority are convinced their saving the planet.  I guess if you freeze to death along the road, you eliminate your carbon footprint!  When are these people going to realize their virtue signaling and preening were useless?

A few days ago I read a story in a left-leaning publication that crowed about the EV transition.  One million units were sold domestically last year.  There are 283.4 million vehicles on American roads.  At this pace, the two may be even by 2150.  Unless the government forces you to buy one instead of another.  But that would never happen in a land of liberty!  The word is a synonym for choice if you granola gobblers didn’t know.

I also read two other stories this week.  One mentions that Korean manufacturers are going to eventually sell most EVs here, and China is ramping up production of electric cars, at factories powered by coal.  Both stories are behind a paywall at the Wall Street Journal.  Does that mean the subsidies for buyers (borrowed money) will all go overseas?

Do you think the tree-huggers know they’re useful idiots?

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