Idaho is one of the fastest-growing states in the country, and as more and more people move here and the population rises, more and more businesses are moving into the Gem State. Over the last few years, stores that have never called Idaho home have moved in, and many of them have seen success. This trend is not slowing down anytime soon, and depending on who you ask, some love having more shopping and eating options, while others hate the change taking place. One popular food chain has finally decided to make the move and open its first store in Idaho, but when is it happening, where is it happening, and which chain is it?

Raising Cane's Coming to Idaho

Idaho has seen some great additions over the last few years, especially when it comes to food. In-N-Out opened in Idaho this last year, and it has been nothing short of a success. Other chains have taken notice and the popular food chain Raising Cane's hopes to be the next one in line and to be as successful. It will be a bit of a wait, but in 2025, Idaho will see its first Raising Cane's open in Meridian. Construction will start in 2025, with the hopes of seeing the restaurant open at the back end of the year. The location for the new restaurant will be 2700 N Eagle Road, and they plan to have a double drive-thru apart of the new building. 

About Raising Cane's

For those unfamiliar with Raising Cane's they are best known for their chicken fingers and Cane's sauce. The chain currently has over 750 restaurants nationwide, and is in 37 states, making Idaho number 38. It is one of the fastest-rising fast-food chains in the country and has many excited to see it enter the Gem State. If you like Cajun food, you will love Raising Cane's. There has been an ongoing debate for years about the best fast-food chicken restaurant, and commonly Raising Cane's is at the top of the list. For more on their menu and what to look forward to, click the link above. 

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Excitement will grow once construction begins, but patience will be needed, as it is still a long wait until those chicken fingers are available in the Gem State. We will keep you updated as more news comes out and updates happen. Another addition to the growing state, and this is one that many can't wait for.

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