Going down the ‘rabbit hole’ happens to everyone. It starts with reading a story you find interesting. Then, there is a fact you find interesting within that story, and you do an internet search on it. Or, there is a link in an article with ‘Related Story’ attached, and off you go.

What is the IRS Doing About People Who Don’t File Their Tax Returns

I offer this example. I began working on a story about the IRS cracking down on the biggest high-income earners who have been neglecting to file income tax. $25,000 people earning $1 million are getting compliance letters this week, and 100,000 letters going out to people earning between $400,000 and $1 million after that.

Do High-Earners in Idaho Pay More or Less Income Taxes Than Other States?

This is where the rabbit hole begins. I found an article from Flippa about the taxes high-income earners have to pay and the average income for people earning over $400,000 in Idaho. It has information on high earners in cities across the country paying the most and least in taxes.

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Unsurprisingly large metro areas in California carry the brunt of tax dollars (when they choose to file). Salt Lake City is even 15th on that particular payment list. In midsize metro areas, Idaho has an entry. But there’s something that catches my eye, and I am unable to process my feelings as to whether I should be happy that people who make more money should pay more taxes, or incensed that people who are successful enough to earn more should be penalized for that success. I can’t get past the fact that this article has Boise listed as Boise City.

boise city idaho
Credit Flippa

Is There a Boise City in Idaho?

I haven’t lived in Idaho all my life, so I consider that maybe there is a Boise City within the Boise metro area. Hey, there is a Kansas City, Kansas, and a Kansas City, Missouri. Maybe there is a Boise and a Boise City, Idaho. An internet search is most definitely in order.

There is another city with Boise in its name. Boise City is in the panhandle of Oklahoma. The proper pronunciation is BOYSS (boy-see without ee at the end) City. They have a News page on Facebook, The Cimarron Heritage Center, and even a Bomb Memorial.

Boise City Bomb Memorial
Credit Cimarron Heritage Center

And that, dear friends, is how you rabbit hole properly.

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