Thanksgiving is this week and in many Idaho homes, it isn't just the turkey getting a special dressing. I've never had a dress code at Thanksgiving dinner in my life, but if you watch movies, the characters all seem to dress in their best for the meal.

Thanksgiving Dinner Dress Codes In Idaho

I understand that people may want to dress in their finest clothes for the massive family gathering and feeding frenzy at Thanksgiving, but I believe comfortable clothes are the way to go. This is coming from a guy with six suits in his closet, and I look for pretty much any opportunity to dress in one of them. But, if I'm decked out in a nice fitted suit I don't have the ability to fit as much food in my belly. If I'm planted at the table in a loose pair of jeans and a t-shirt I'm ready to load my plate and overfill my belly.

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I'd also be afraid of spilling the gravy on my suit or dipping my sleeves in a pile of whipped cream from my pumpkin pie.

Do You Dress Up For Thanksgiving Dinner

Even if I don't dress up fancy for Thanksgiving, that doesn't mean it's the best way to do it. but, I'm curious about those who do dress up or have a dress code for the Thanksgiving meal: why do you have it and what are the expectations? Do you require a full Sunday best outfit or button-up shirt and slacks for the men and a dress or skirt for the ladies? Or do you require all camo-wear, because that's the Idaho way?

If you are hosting a Thanksgiving dinner do you require guests to follow the dress code too and do you tell them about it at the invitation or just expect them to know?

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