There are certain times of year when many spend more money than they would like, either willingly or against their will. Spring break is a time that comes to mind or summer vacation. During the holidays there is plenty of money spent on food, and during Christmas, many gifts are being bought. These times occur every year, and one of those times that you have to dig deep into your wallet is upon all of us again, and it has some excited and others groaning already.

Girl Scout Cookies in Idaho

Girl Scouts Sell Cookies From Street Trucks In New York City
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Some look forward to it, and some dread it, but this time every year stores become a scary place as temptation sits outside and waits for innocent people to take the bate. Girl Scout cookie season is here once again, and it means that delicious treats are around the Magic Valley waiting to be consumed. For some, they can not wait to enjoy these irresistible treats that taste amazing and are worth the cost. Others hate this time of year, because they are on diets or can't have the cookies, but secretly want them. There is no denying they are good and most want them, it is can you have them, or are you forced to try and resist yummy temptation and the charm of a Girl Scout asking if you'd like to buy a box? 

How Much Are Girl Scout Cookies This Year?

Credit: Darren Halstead on Unsplash
Credit: Darren Halstead on Unsplash

If you are looking for Girl Scout cookies this year, be aware that they have gone up to $6 per box in 2024. The best places to find Girl Scouts are outside of major shopping centers such as WinCo, Walmart, or Target. You can also ask around at church or work, as it is likely that somebody you know has a child in Girl Scouts or knows somebody who does. There are 12 varieties to choose from this year. They include thin mints, tagalongs, Samoas, adventurfuls, caramel chocolate chips, do-si-dos, s'mores, lemonades, lemon-ups, toast-yay, toffee-tastic, and trefoils. To see pictures of all the cookies, make sure to click the link above. 

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Make sure to put some extra money aside for the next few weeks, and be prepared to see the temptation of cookies as you go in and out of stores. It is nearly impossible to resist all season, so get a box or two and help out the Girl Scouts. Run an extra mile at the gym or work out an extra day if you eat a box or two, and no harm done. The season of cookies is here.

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