Michael Vaughan is a Fruitland boy that has been missing since July 27th, 2021. Until recently, there has not been a lot of information surrounding his disappearance. An arrest has been made, and now authorities ask that you be on the lookout for two men who may have more information and are connected.

According to recent reports, two men who may have more information about what happened to Michael are being searched for. One man, Adrian Lucienne, is known to be around Toldeo, Ohio, or in California. The second man, Brandon Shurtliff, lived in Kuna but may be in North Dakota.

The reason that these two appear to be suspects is that they were staying with Stacey and Sarah Wondra during the time of Michael's disappearance. Stacey and Sarah are currently in custody. So far, there are no charges of murder, but rather a failure to report a death.

Devastatingly, authorities believe that Michael Vaughan is no longer alive. His remains have not been found yet. These two men might help bring closure to the family and give some answers.

If you come across either of these men, do not approach them. Call the police immediately. Also, share their photo everywhere. The more eyes that see these faces, the better chance they will be found.

It is important to remind everyone that people are innocent until proven guilty. We do not know the whole story yet.

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