Twin Falls's newest coffee shop is now open at a location formerly held by a fast food chain.

A new Starbucks on 251 Pole Line Rd has quietly opened in Twin Falls with inside seating and a drive-through window.

Two businesses have come and gone from the same location

Starbucks in Twin Falls is between Epic Shine Car Wash and Denny's Twin Falls. The building was originally home to Popeyes Chicken and Biscuit. Popeyes opened in 2016 and lasted about three years, before closing in 2019. Arctic Circle would later take up residence and has also since closed, leaving the location vacant since early 2023.

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There are three other official Starbucks locations in Twin Falls

The Seattle-based Starbucks has three other existing locations in Twin Falls, Idaho. There's one on the corner of Blue Lakes and Falls, a location at Magic Valley Mall, and a cafe inside Target in Twin Falls. And there's sort of a fourth location: While not technically a Starbucks franchise, the small cafe inside Barnes and Noble in Twin serves Starbucks coffee. I've been told that the Starbucks inside Target is not an official Starbucks franchise, however, the location is listed on the official company website.

The new Starbucks will be one of three coffee shops on Pole Line Rd in Twin Falls

The new, Pole Line location will become the 4th official Starbucks location in Twin Falls and will be one of two coffee shops located on the westbound lanes of Pole Line. There's a Java located over by Black Bear Diner and the Hilton Garden Inn, and Dutch Brothers has long been a Pole Line staple on the eastbound side since 2015.

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A Twin Falls coffee shop recently closed

News of the new Pole Line Starbucks location follows a recent coffee shop closing in Twin Falls. Boomerang Coffee on Cheney Drive in Twin Falls just announced they closed up shop after less than two years in business.

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