Two events within a day-long drive of Twin Falls (or less) display the wide cultural divide in the United States.  The conservative writer Ben Domenech is reflecting on a recent dinner party that took place in eastern Idaho.   At comedian Jimmy Kimmel’s Idaho fishing retreat.  It featured a bevy of Hollywood liberals, aging stars from Friends, and a fellow traveling propagandist from CNN.  The latter appeared grateful he was allowed into the company of the popular kids.

Meanwhile, President Trump visited a UFC event in Las Vegas, where he rubbed shoulders with a handful of Hollywood conservatives (and Christians), and had a Kimmel gang that would dictate how you live, where you live, and what you drive.  They see themselves as enlightened.  The albino to Trump’s Morlocks brief but friendly conversation with Joe Rogan and was praised by many of the fighters.

Kimmel’s private jet affair was filled with people who claim Trump is a fascist.  Trump was greeted raucously by people who praise liberty.

Domenech’s point is that (see the Time Machine) only one group is going to inherit the future.  The cabernet sippers at the lodge believe they’ve triumphed culturally.  But if tomorrow the lights went out and didn’t come back on for a year, which group has a better opportunity for survival?

Let’s say Trump doesn’t triumph in 2024.  The Kimmel gang will pat themselves on the back and offer more toasts.  It’s called a Pyrrhic victory.  Because there are so few of them and then there are tens of millions of gun-owning blue-collar Americans.

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