Crime has been on the rise over the last few years, especially since the pandemic. Companies are struggling and still seeing and feeling the side effects of the shutdown a few years ago, as well as many people are feeling it as well. Many of them lost jobs, and financially are struggling. Despite the effects of the pandemic, costs are still rising in food, rent, housing, and many other places. The loss of jobs and increase in the cost of living has brought a rise in crime across the country, specifically in California. A few places have elected to close due to crime in their areas, and videos seem to pop up daily of another theft or crime committed. Crime seems to be normal now and has almost become acceptable in some areas in California, despite it still being against the law.

Theft At a Popular High End Store in California

Credit: Jeff
Credit: Jeff

This past week a theft occurred at Michael Kors, located at the Outlet Mall in Carlsbad, California. A man was able to walk in and grab an arm full of purses, before running out down the parking lot, into a waiting car and taking off. The employees yelled at him, and the alarm went off, but the man was able to escape. Nobody chased after him, and no employees attempted to stop him. They did call the police to report it, and spectators got pictures of the license plate and car, but the man seemed to get away with the crime. Seconds later, the employees were welcoming shoppers and acting like nothing had occurred. Has this become the norm in California and theft is now acceptable? 

Theft in California

Credit: Ljupco
Credit: Ljupco

It appears that crime is becoming the norm and more acceptable in California. While it is still against the law, a video a few weeks ago of a man stealing iPhones from Apple and walking out is more proof that it is becoming too frequent and there appear to be no consequences. Employees and shoppers are standing by and watching and recording these events, but doing nothing to stop them. It is smart to not approach these thieves, as items can be replaced but a life cannot, and it is never known if they are carrying a gun or not. Most of these thefts have occurred in daylight, with no firearms used, and no masks, and seem to be daily occurrences at this point. It is making it tough for certain stores to stay open, and if things keep going this way, something will need to be done. 

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It is sad and heartbreaking to see what the world is coming to, but if people continue to get away with it, crime will only increase. They know that nobody is going to chase after them, and they are taking advantage of it. It is tough for officers to find these people, and likely they won't be caught for some time, if ever. With so many cameras and phones everywhere, crimes should be tougher to commit today than ever before, yet the crime rate continues to rise. How long until something changes and is done about it?

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