With summer heat fast approaching it is time to slip on the bathing suit, lather up in sunscreen, grab a towel, and hit the water. Idaho summers are known to get pretty warm, and cooling off can be a little tough. Luckily, there is tons of water around the Magic Valley which makes for some great swimming locations. Choosing where to go can be tough, as many people want to cool off this summer, and you might want a place that isn't crowded. Where is the place to go and take a tip around Twin Falls?

Swimming in Twin Falls

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There are tons of swimming options around Twin Falls. You can go down and swim in the Snake River, although with the current, boats, and kayaks, it isn't the safest option. Diekes Lake is a common swimming spot where you can jump off rocks, play in the water, or lay out on the dock. While it is a little bit out of town, Blue Heart is a great option and is one of the most beautiful areas in the state, but the water is known to be a bit chilly. These are all great options, but they are well-known ones and can be crowded. Which one is the best, and are they the only choices you should consider? 

The Best Place to Swim in Twin Falls

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While all the spots above listed have their pros and cons, there are other options. One of the problems with the places listed so far is that they are all in places that have no lifeguards and you aren't sure of the depth underneath you. The Twin Falls City Pool is a great place to go as there are lifeguards on duty, they are diving boards, swimming lanes, blow up, and you can see the bottom at all times. This makes for a better swimming location, especially for those with kids. Apartment pools are nice, but if you don't live there or know somebody that does, you shouldn't be using the pool. Having your pool is ideal, but that isn't a realistic option for everyone. The best place in the area is likely the Twin Falls City Pool due to its safety, entertainment, and location. The only negative is this one does cost money, where many of the others do not. Click on the link for more on the Twin Falls City Pool. 

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You may prefer a more natural swimming area, but if you are looking for everything in one location, you know where to go. Out of the natural places, Blue Lakes is the best choice, with the clear water, less crowded, and the beauty of it all. There are many more spots, but these are the ones that most gravitate towards. If you find a hidden gem, you might want to keep it to yourself so it isn't packed the next time you go there for a dip.

Lily Pond near Redfish Lake

Lily Pond near Redfish Lake by Stanley

7 Hidden Gem Locations In Twin Falls

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