The holiday season is getting near an end, but there are still plenty of festivities to be had, movies to enjoy, and magic to experience. One of the best parts about Christmas is keeping the magic alive for your children and carrying on traditions from your childhood or your spouse's. As children get older, the pressure to keep the magic alive grows, and it gets more and more difficult to not let them figure out the truth. As hard as it is to not let the magic come to an end, it will happen eventually, but should other adults be held responsible if they ruin it for your child?

The Magic of Christmas in the Magic Valley

Credit: inarik
Credit: inarik

Not every family believes in the magic of Christmas or celebrates the holiday, but the majority do. Many parents across the Magic Valley work hard to keep the magic of the holiday alive for their children, via Elf on the Shelf, Santa Claus, and keeping their traditions alive. Typically, others do a good job of helping keep that spirit alive, but occasionally there is a Grinch or a Scrooge that wants to ruin the holidays for everyone. With not everyone having kids or celebrating Christmas though, when the magic of the season is ruined for a child, does it fall on the adult that ruined it, or the parent of the child? Is it okay to fault someone, even though it isn't their child or responsibility to make sure the child keeps believing? 

Spoiling Christmas for Someone's Child

Photo by Max Bender on Unsplash
Photo by Max Bender on Unsplash

Sometimes accidents happen. A person may slip up in a conversation and reveal the truth, but typically adults are alert to their surroundings. We all have gone through finding out the truth, and most remember where they were when they found out, and the moment their childhood was taken from them, likely against their will. For some, it happened at a young age, and for others, it didn't happen until they were older. One day your children inevitably will find out, but it doesn't fall on others to keep that magic alive. Parents want to point fingers and complain on social media, that others need to believe what they do and to help keep the holiday magic alive for their kids, but it isn't their responsibility and everyone has a right to live their life. Don't go out of your way to spoil Christmas for kids, but you shouldn't have to be mindful of your conversations because some parents might get upset. 

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Enjoy the holiday season, and enjoy the magic that comes with the season. There is limited time left to take it all in, and it will soon be gone for the next year. The pressure will soon be off of not ruining the holiday season for little ones, but perhaps instead of feeling pressure of getting through another year, enjoy the sparkle in children's eyes this time of year, because once those years are gone, it'll never be the same. Stop blaming others for your kids finding out the truth, and if it does happen don't get mad but look back fondly on the years of Christmas magic that you had.

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