Today is the day for romantic dining…unless you are reading this after Valentine’s Day, then this list can be your source for the perfect make-up dining destination.

It doesn’t matter the day, this location in California is the number 1 destination in the United States for lovers looking for a romantic dining experience.

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Look no Further than this California Location for Romantic Dining

Possibly the best thing about this location in California is that there are multiple restaurants. They all add to the romantic vibe and you have a better chance of getting a reservation or just showing up than if it were a single restaurant.

The MixBook website team looked at the top destinations for anniversary dates, and we figured those locations would be just as good for Valentine’s Day. Based on location, ambiance, food types, and unique appeal they chose Little Italy in North Beach, California as the top destination for memorable and romantic dining.

Credit Canva
Credit Canva

MixBook cites the ‘picturesque charm and Italian culinary excellence’ as part of the charm along with ‘romantic ambiance, authentic Italian restaurants, cozy cafes’ and the ‘backdrop of European-style architecture’.

15 Most Romantic Dining Destinations in California

If Little Italy isn’t your ideal choice for a date night, California has 14 other locations on the list of most romantic dining destinations. These are the top choices in California:

  1. North Beach Little Italy
  2. Mission District
  3. Napa Valley
  4. West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip
  5. Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive
  6. Santa Barbara’s Beachfront
  7. SoMa (South of Market)
  8. Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Venice
  9. Old Pasadena
  10. Sausalito
  11. Culver City’s Downtown
  12. La Jolla Cove
  13. Marina District
  14. Nob Hill
  15. Haight Ashbury
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