I don’t know how I missed this until today since it happened earlier this week, but Idaho is confused about what season we are in and it snowed up at Pomerelle. Being confused about seasons in Idaho isn’t hard to do since we have at least 12. I thought we were just getting through Fake Fall and that Second Summer was about to happen, but there may be a False Winter season that I didn’t know about.

Has Winter Arrived in Idaho? Pomerelle Got the First Snow of the Season

No matter the actual season, on Sunday night, the Pomerelle Mountain had its first snowfall for the 20232/2024 season. It wasn’t enough to stick around and they didn’t mention if they measured it, but snow is snow. They posted a picture of the dusting on their Facebook page.

If you are a fan of snow and ski resorts in Idaho, don’t get your hopes up that this recent dusting means anything special. Even though the story was picked up by national news sources, the Farmers’ Almanac says that our winter is going to be regular ’Seasonably Cold and Wet’.

Credit Farmers' Almanac Graphic
Credit Farmers' Almanac Graphic
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The Magic Mountain Ski Resort also reminded us that any snow is good snow by posting a funny meme on their social media page:

Pomerelle will start their Season Pass Sale on September 15th and the owners of Magic Mountain are busy prepping to open the Haunted Swamp for Halloween in Twin Falls.

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