Road Conditions To Pomerelle Ski Resort
Recently, we took video of Howell Canyon Road, also known as Pomerelle road. Please note the video doesn't reflect actual speeds.
The road had been plowed and sanded making driving conditions OK. However, if I've learned anything about reporting driving conditions it's that everyone&ap…
When Is The 2016 Pomerelle Star Party
This time of the year is amazing for looking to the skies at night. Especially if you are far away from the light pollution of town. When you head to the Pomerelle Star Party you'll see more stars than possible if you stay in town.
Lack Of Snow Hurting Idaho Resorts
The lack of snow this year may be making it easier on motorists and in general, those who don’t like bad winter weather.  However, for some who depend on the snow, like Bogus Basin Ski Resort near Boise, it can be economically devastating.
Brundage To Open, Magic And Soldier Still Waiting
Snow lovers in Idaho, especially in the ski town of McCall, are rejoicing as word of an opening date nears Friday for Brundage Ski Area. Wednesday the community officially kicked off the ski season.  Brundage officials reported 2 inches fell Tuesday and in the last 48 hours a total of 7 inches fell …