A cannabis dispensary that opened nearly a year ago in Jackpot, Nevada, is preparing for a milestone, while some to the north haven't visited the community since and don't care to return any time soon.

From the moment the announcement was made that Thrive Cannabis Marketplace would be setting up shop on Royal Drive, many in Idaho were immediately concerned over the types of problems such a business could pose for state law enforcement and citizens.

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Having worked in my trade in Twin Falls for a number of years, I've had many discussions with area residents regarding Thrive Cannabis Dispensary. The story was one of the biggest of 2021 as far as the amount of social media traffic for southern Idaho. The fact of the matter remains that marijuana use is legal in Nevada, and that won't change anytime soon no matter how many Idahoans don't like it.

"They need to focus on their own problems," said a Nevada store shopper I chatted with on a recent road trip. "It's not like they don't smoke weed in Idaho."

The cannabis shop is just a couple of weeks shy of celebrating its one-year anniversary in business, and there are people over the border I have talked to recently who used to visit Jackpot for its gaming and lodging but remain steadfast in their decision to boycott the community that's just 46 miles south of Twin Falls.

Despite the conflict of opinions between Idahoans and those from Nevada, cannabis dispensaries will continue to operate in states surrounding Idaho, and it'll be virtually impossible to stop the further expansion of such businesses.

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