Most Idahoans know that their home state is known for its various precious stones. One of the lesser-known Gem State commodities can be found throughout southern Idaho, and you might even recognize it as a popular material used in homebuilding.

The state of Idaho is a bountiful region of gems, minerals, and stones, There are dozens of attractive rock types that are mined and unearthed by amateur geologists often. Star garnets, jasper, amethyst, agate, and topaz are just some stones that rock hunters can locate with relative ease throughout the state.

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Oakley Stone is another state rock that can be found in abundance in the southern region of the Gem State. It's millions of years old and made up primarily of a combination of quartz and mica. State mining operations are known to target areas where the stone can be found, due to the fact it's a highly desirable material used in landscaping and home designing.

Walkways, fireplaces, patios, walls, and other home elements are constructed from the Oakley Stone, and Idaho ships the quartzite out of state for profit. Its smooth surface and coloration make it an attractive material in the homebuilding process.

If you travel south from Twin Falls to the border of Nevada, the Oakley Stone can be seen from the highway. Mining companies break it up, remove it, stack it, and supply area businesses with the product. Trucks haul the stone throughout the state every day.

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