For the third year in a row, the public education budget will decrease, but State School Superintendent, Tom Luna, says that this year's cut will be a relief for most districts.  State departments across Idaho have been taking drastic budget cuts during this legislative session.  Luna says schools have been preparing for the worst, but Monday morning the budget writers gave schools some mixed news.  They didn't avoid budget cutbacks entirely, but Luna says the cuts will be less than expected.   Schools will have $47 million slashed from their budget in the upcoming school year.  A relief for Luna who says most had prepared for at least another $50 million cut.  He admits that no one is happy about the cuts but thanked lawmakers for their commitment to find extra money to keep some funding intact.  The budget set Monday is based around the third education reform bill which would increase technology in the classroom.  It still has to pass the House but Luna is confident that will happen.