TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)-The City of Twin Falls is asking residents to help prevent localized flooding by keeping gutters and curbs clear of debris and leaves near their homes. The city says keeping the drainage areas clear will help keep the water flowing when winter weather and subsequent melting arrives. "It’s not necessary to remove all leaves as storm drains are designed to allow some debris, but residents can help by ensuring that leaves are not accumulating along street gutters and around storm drains. Simply removing these leaves can help the stormwater system channel water away from the street," says the City in a statement. The City uses street sweepers to do the bulk of the work in areas where a lot of debris and leaves build up. The leaves along with dirt and debris can clog the drainage pipes that lead to retention ponds located around the city. The ponds or basins hold the runoff water and allow it to soak back into the ground or the overflow continues through the canal system and into Rock Creek or the Snake River. Any bags of leaves can be left beside resident trash bins and will be picked up during regular trash days at no extra charge, according to the City.

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