A Killer Would Stalk Idaho Forests

They may look like oversized toys, but grizzly bears aren’t teddy bears.

I came across a story from a newspaper in Washington State about the effort to reintroduce grizzlies in Idaho’s central highlands.  The story mentions that the comments about the court-ordered plan are split evenly.  The story doesn’t mention where the comments in support came from.  For all we know, they’ve been received from the typical tourons who like to take selfies with deadly animals.  The usual rogues’ gallery of kooks from Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco.

The comments from Lemhi County suggest people who would be living near the bears think this is a stupid, stupid idea.

Why in the heck would any judge decide to order the relocation of the animals?   What’s the benefit, other than to preen for fellow travelers and granola eaters in his social circle?

The usual argument from Lefty is that we need to reestablish the ecosystem.  But what if the ecosystem adjusted after a century without grizzlies or wolves?

I was on a tour several years ago on the Missouri River.  The guide explained some genius decided to introduce mountain goats in an area replete with bald eagles.  The goats didn’t evolve to look up and scan for threats.  They all became breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

It was thought the goats would take to a Cliffside, which makes me wonder how steep a learning curve is for tree-hugging environmentalists.  Even those who decide to legislate from the bench.  We need some changes.

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