BOISE, Idaho (KLIX) A candidate running for lieutenant governor in Idaho has received the endorsement of a former vice president. Candidate Steve Yates says former Vice President Dick Cheney has given his endorsement for the former GOP Chairman. Cheney served as vice president during President George W. Bush's administration from 2001 to 2009 and served as secretary of defense for elder George H.W. Bush. Yates has ties to Cheney after serving as the vice president's Deputy National Security Adviser before heading the Idaho Republican Party. Yates is running against a handful of candidates including State Senator Marv Hagadorn and former state lawmaker Janet McGeachin.

Conservative Political Action Conference Draws Major Leaders From The Right
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The future of our Party and nation depend on our ability to recruit and elect men and women committed to the values upon which our republic was founded. I know firsthand your dedication and devotion to these principles." said Dick Cheney, in a prepared statement. "I share your conviction that we have an obligation to make certain our children and grandchildren have the same opportunities we’ve had. I am happy to support your efforts, and wish you every success in your campaign.”

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