BOISE, Idaho (KLIX) Idaho's Republican Chairman says presidential candidate Hillary Clinton needs to talk to the nation's press. The Idaho GOP issued a statement from Steve Yates who says it has been well more than 260 days since the Democratic candidate help a press conference:


"Responsible government requires transparency, including the courage and stamina to field tough questions. Two hundred and sixty three days is far too long for any aspiring Commander in Chief to dodge the kind of access nearly every major candidate has given our free press in the modern era. Unprecedented developments have unfolded since her last press conference on December 5, 2015. Mrs. Clinton was found by the FBI to have lied to the public, her pay-to-play scheme at the State Department was revealed, and a scandal emerged regarding the Clinton Family Foundation's acceptance of donations from foreign entities.  Now, rather than taking responsibility for her actions, she is hiding from the press and refusing to say anything at all. Mrs. Clinton owes an explanation to the American people as to why, after all her lies and scandals, we should believe that she is qualified to be Commander in Chief. The country deserves better than a third Obama term and continued crooked Clintonism."

Hillary Clinton Holds "Corridor Of Opportunity" Town Hall In SC
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