I had no idea until today that I've been driving past the first house built in Twin Falls at least a few times a week and didn't know it. One reason is that it doesn't look like an ancient or decrepit building. The house has been well-maintained and recently got a nice remodel and a facelift.

The Oldest House Built In Twin Falls

I came across a Facebook post in the 'You Might Be From Twin Falls' group that showed a picture of the house, calling it a 'rad' makeover for the 'first house built in Twin Falls.' Some comments state that it isn't actually the first house, but the transformation is amazing. You can see the new exterior in the pictures below and you're going to love the interior pictures from before the makeover.

Renovated First House Built In Twin Falls

The house is known by different names depending on who you talk to. Some may refer to it as the Adam's House, Shew House, or the Hollyhock House.

Is It The Shew House, Adam's House, or the Hollyhock House?

The house is known by different names depending on who you talk to. Some may refer to it as the Adam's House or the Shew House based on how long they have lived in town. It is more commonly called the Hollyhock House because there used to be a large garden of hollyhock plants in the yard. Those have been removed and replaced by a more modern landscape.

Many people have memories of piano lessons in the house. Based on the pictures above it does look like the place was decorated to be child-friendly.

563 2nd Ave E, Twin Falls

I drove by the house today to get a picture and could see that on the inside they are still doing some work to renovate the home. The exterior of the house is beautiful.

Is This The First House Built In Twin Falls?

In the Facebook group, there was a little bit of a debate as to whether this was actually the first house built in Twin Falls. It has been recognized by the Historic Preservation Commission of Twin Falls County. Others claim that the building where Ann's Eyewear Boutique operates is actually the oldest house in Twin Falls.

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