She says her time living in Twin Falls as a child was among the best years of her life.  Christina Hendricks’ family moved several times.  Her father worked for the United States Forest Service.  He was often transferred and that included several years based here.  Christina took up acting in local theater before the family left Idaho for Northern Virginia, where she finished high school.

Hendricks registered under an alias but spent quite a bit of time in conversation with locals.

The often Emmy nominated actress was “back home” not long ago.  She stayed in a hotel a block from where I live.  Hendricks registered under an alias but spent quite a bit of time in conversation with locals.

Including a friend of mine.  My friend owns a rare breed of dog and the actress was smitten.  She had a lot of questions about the animal, known as a Papillon.  However, the redheaded star would’ve been better off calling the dog by its other name, the Continental Toy Spaniel.  You see, Hendricks had a hard time pronouncing Papillon.  In French, the word sounds like Pap-ee-yawn.  It’s the French word for butterfly.  The dogs have butterfly-like ears.

My friend didn’t recognize the woman asking questions.  She doesn’t watch television and never saw Mad Men.  Hendricks played an office manager.  A character with some serious diplomatic and problem-solving skills.

My friend would’ve thought it was just another chance meeting with another dog lover until her children explained the redhead was not only a well-known actress but a part of our culture.  Mad Men was a cultural phenomenon during its long run on AMC.  It’s nice to hear the actress is very down to earth.  Time living in Twin Falls may be a reason she’s well-grounded.

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