TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) – More than 100 elementary schools across Idaho, including many in the Magic Valley, will receive Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program grants.

The USDA grants help provide schools with a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables during the school day.

In all, 113 Idaho schools were awarded the grants through a competitive application process. The grant period is from July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018.

Through the program, according to the Idaho State Department of Education, schools will prepare and distribute mid-morning or mid-afternoon servings of the fruit and veggies to all students in pre-kindergarten through sixth grade.

The program also, according to the department,

encourages schools to develop partnerships at the State and local level for support in implementing and operating the program.  Schools are encouraged to find sources for Idaho-grown fruits and vegetables, and feature lessons on where and how they are grown, harvested, and brought to market in Idaho.  When locally sourced produce is not available, participating schools must adhere to Buy American guidelines for procurement of the fruits and vegetables served.

Tasty blueberries
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Magic Valley schools to receive grants include:

 Popplewell Elementary (Buhl), $33,436.23
 Dworshak Elementary (Cassia), $29,372.44
 Raft River Elementary (Cassia), $9,927.99
 Dietrich  School, $6,275.72
 Gooding Elementary, $27,057.63
 Hansen Elementary, $10,699.59
 Heritage Academy (Twin Falls), $6,430.04
 Horizon Elementary (Jerome), $36,265.45
 Jefferson Elementary (Jerome), $31,018.53
 Summit Elementary (Jerome), $33,076.15
 East Minico Middle, $8,281.90
 Heyburn Elementary, $28,034.99
 Rupert Elementary, $32,253.10
 West Minico Middle, $7,613.17
 Shoshone Elementary, $12,397.12
 Bickel Elementary (Twin Falls) $14,043.22
 Harrison Elementary (Twin Falls), $23,868.32
 I.B. Perrine Elementary (Twin Falls), $29,166.68
 Lincoln Elementary (Twin Falls), $25,720.18
 Morningside Elementary (Twin Falls), $27,520.59
 Oregon Trail Elementary (Twin Falls), $30,452.69


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