The March Madness Twin Falls restaurant edition continues as we begin to dwindle down to the best restaurant in Twin Falls. We are now in the top 8 for steakhouses and bar and grills. Vote to keep your favorite in the bracket.

Right now we are doing the top 8 steakhouses and miscellaneous, because some great restaurants didn't fit into a category, and the bar and grill section. Vote for your favorite to keep them in the running for best Twin Falls restaurant.

We are down to the top 4 in Mexican restaurants with Janitzios, La Fiesta, Cafe Rio and 9 Beans! The top 4 diners in Twin Falls are Depot Grill, Norm's Cafe, Buffalo Cafe and Abracadabras!

In case you missed it the top 8 steakhouses and miscellaneous are Jakers, Elevation 486, Canyon Crest, Sizzler, Texas Roadhouse, The Smokey Bone, O-Ki and Prasai's 2 go.

The top 8 so far in the Bar and Grill bracket are Scooters, Koto, The GR (the Ground round), Twin Falls Brick house, O'Dunkens, Milner's Gate and Tomato's Italian Grill.

Whichever ones are your favorite make sure you keep the votes coming so the last standing restaurant can be your favorite.

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I have gone to almost every single one of these restaurants and it is not going to be an easy decision. There are so many delicious options for restaurants in Twin Falls and I am invested in every single one of them. I can't wait to see which restaurant is going to be named the number one in each category and overall.

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