Idaho's largest school district is preparing to cut a hundred teaching positions. The meridian school district is trying to cut their budget by $21.9 million for next year. Among other things, the district will be cutting teaching staff for the first time in 13 years. But the new education reform laws mean district officials have had to come up with a whole new way of deciding who will be shown the door. With seniority out of the question due to those new education laws, the district will use a form with a points system based on a teacher's most recent evaluation. Points can also be lost due to violations and letters of reprimand. A few additional points can be gained from having advanced degrees, or being involved in extra-curricular activities. School officials emphasize that regular evaluations are the biggest part of this system. Meridian School District spokesman Eric Exline says many of the decisions will be based on supervisor’s observations.  Some of the 100 teachers cut can be reassigned to positions left open by attrition. There will be a hearing to discuss the proposed cuts on June 14 at Mountain View High School in Meridian. The school board will consider the changes at its meeting on June 21.