Judging by news media reactions, you would think the Golden Horde was coming to Idaho.  Liberals and milquetoast Republicans are also having bladder control spasms.  Kari Lake is coming to speak at an event sponsored by the state Republican Party.  Lake is a close ally of former President Donald Trump.  She was a television news anchor in Arizona and last year lost a close election for Governor of that state.  Liberals and media (and that’s redundant) despise her.  See the part about Donald Trump!

Lake will be speaking at the Capital Church in Meridian on Friday, the 28th of July.  You can see more details by clicking here.

Some liberals are already griping about a church being the location of the event.  Keep in mind, the same people never go to church! The venue is frequently rented for other events.  The rent check helps the church in its mission.  Lake, meanwhile, is a big draw.  Her appearance will raise a lot of money for the GOP.

If you’re a liberal or some other kind of moral lightweight, then don’t buy a ticket.

It always amazes me how the leftists get their noses bent out of joint when someone they don’t like comes to deep-red Idaho.  I didn’t complain about Gavin Newsom coming to address his fellow travelers two weeks ago.  If there’s an event I don’t like, I do something else or stay home.  As for Newsom, his gun-grabbing statements show his totalitarian nature.  But I didn’t show up and scream and throw blood at the event.  You scheming liberals can return the courtesy.  If you’re capable.

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