These are pathetic people.  They have empty lives.  They’re looking to be part of something.  The terrorist cause gives them a sense of self-importance.

When demonstrators showed up for the opening of the New In-N-Out burger in Meridian, they weren’t objecting to the consumption of beef.  They came to denounce Israel for defending itself and seeking justice.  These freaks are amongst us in Idaho.

They see a large event and realize it will attract a crowd.  So they glom on to it in hopes someone will hear them.  I can tell you, most people are annoyed.  It’s like the lefties in Europe who defile artistic works and block traffic.  They aren’t gaining recruits.  You don’t win converts by peeing in people’s faces.

Seriously, how many people did they convert?

When I was a young guy working in newsrooms, I would often be assigned to cover the demonstration of the day.  Attacks on statues of Columbus, no war for oil, and global warming will kill us all by 1995.  I would see the same people at every protest.  Have a gripe, will travel.  One day a group of them became very angry when I asked if they had jobs.

One of my coworkers had a novel approach.  He had some skills as a talk host.  He showed up at a PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) rally outside Kentucky Fried Chicken.  He told them he was a member of People Eating Tasty Animals and offered them a bucket of chicken.

At a gathering in support of 9/11 terrorists, he arrived dressed in chain mail and with a crusader's shield.  He got cursed at, but nobody messed with him.  He had two Iron Soldier awards from basic and advanced training.  You’ve got to show these losers we can respond with our street theater.

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