If you ever wondered - the internet is a weird place. There is a normal part of the internet that is full of useful information but if you are online too long you will eventually and inevitably end up in the weird part of the web. This always happens to me if I'm on YouTube. One minute your watching an Eagles music video and then bam, someone is trying to convince you in a video that you can cure cancer with a 2x4 and some Advil. It doesn't just happen on YouTube though (it's just easier there). It can happen scrolling through social media when a friend posts something interesting and then you click the comments and it all goes downhill from there.

That's what happened to me. On Twitter someone had posted a nice picture and in the comments I found another picture that looked cool and weird. So I clicked it. Bad choice. You are about to see something totally appropriate and somehow familiar but at the same time deeply disturbing and scary. Forgive the Twitter user name, sorry.

What in the world is that a picture of? At first glance you think you can see what it is but then you can't exactly pick out anything specific or name anything in the picture. Some of the comments even point out that what you think is a wall or a floor probably isn't. I think the white squares on the left side look like they could be racks of earrings, maybe.

Are you feeling the same as I am? You think you can pick out what something is but the more you stare at it the more difficult it becomes?

Speaking of weird pictures, check out these Tiny Planet pictures of Twin Falls:

Twin Falls Tiny Planet

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