Right now it seems almost calm around town, especially compared to the craziness of November. I hadn't really thought about it until this morning: November might be the craziest month of this year. Think about all that happened last month. November was a crazy whirlwind month between the election, mask mandate meetings and anti-rallies, Thanksgiving, 60 Hours to Fight Hunger and other donation events, Black Friday shopping, and the ongoing pandemic. Among all that excitement, people were still able to find calm in Twin Falls. On social media in November you could sift through the political posts and find the positive posts, and we've posted some of the highlights below.

The cafeteria crew at Twin Falls High School wrote fun and inspirational messages on bananas for students. That is a super nice gesture and a cool hack to know you can write on a banana with your fingernail.

While many were fighting about whether we need to wear masks, these young men decided they were going to join the Army and fight for our rights. Congrats and thanks to JP Goulet, Ike Miller, and Jamal Barandica. See their pictures and stories at the link here - Twin Falls Army Recruiting Station.

One of my new favorite views in Twin Falls is from behind the Perrine Coulee Falls.

Milner's Gate shared an uplifting story about community support after one of their coworkers/friends passed away. Scooter's restaurant staff recognized there was a need to comfort their neighbors after their loss and had special memory hats made for the employees of Milner's Gate.

There were many heartfelt posts in support of our local healthcare workers. The hospitals are full of sick patients and people are dying in hospital beds from COVID-19. The hospital heroes deal with this everyday, and it has to be exhausting. We offer a massive thanks to the healthcare workers.

Last month the sketchiest BASE jump I've ever seem from the Perrine Bridge was posted. I don't know that they planned for the chute to release right on the water but you can see the impact hit the water. Yikes.

This BASE jump is more like what we expect to see, and it is nice to read the description about the joy it brings the jumper every time they release the chute.

This post from the Twin Falls Public Library may be dated but it is also a good reminder that the library is open and offering book delivery and fun family crafts.

As always, there we a few beautiful pictures posted of the Shoshone Falls. Though I'm pretty sure this was taken earlier in the year and only just posted in November.

KMVT shared pictures as people lined up to voice their opinion on a mask mandate in Twin Falls.

Keep on sharing your stories and experiences on social media Twin Falls.

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